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10 February
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Hi, I'm Erin. If you're reading this, you probably know me. If not, well, I'm a pretty down to earth kind of gal who loves anything to do with music. I also love talking Harry Potter, Lost, or Alias...or pretty much any other plot that allows such discussion. My best friends call me Moony...while most everyone calls just calls me Erin.

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42, alias, audrey hepburn, being in laura's dreams, campaigning for lupin, cary grant, chapter by chapter books, choir, colin firth, damar, dancing, dancing french fries, dancing mice, derek, everything austen, fantasy books, flian, fred astaire, general randomness, hp, into the woods, james phelps(my future husband), jason, johnny-baby, jukevox, legolas, lotr, marauders, marquises, masterminds, monty python, moony, movie scores, padfoot, prongs, ravenclaws, rytmus, school musicals, sexy pirates, sherwood smith, slam justice, stalkermooks, the quartet, tim curry, vintage-style dresses, writing random stories